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A really cool YT-channel

A really cool YT-channel. Brusspup: Illusion and science   
With great videos about illusions and more.

One example.

My little cat sleeping


BBT S6 bloopers

It's so funny.


A few videos with Mary McDonnell

This is cute.
"Hey idiot! You know what I mean?"

Here is:  Mary on the Better Show

And here: Mary McDonnell discusses Major Crimes Season 2

There's a nice new interview with Mary McDonnell about the second season of "Major Crimes."
I like it very much. :-)
Interview: Mary McDonnell is the woman in charge

And a very nice article (general) about Mary which is also really great. ;-)
Mary McDonnell Up-Close

Oh that's great. These two together.... Cool!

I'm wondering why the universe isn't imploding. :-P

New vid of Simon's cat

Exactely on my birthday, a new video of Simon's cat was uploaded on YT. It's typical cat stuff again. My cats love to do that while I am cooking and the window is steamed up and they want to have a clear view again. And later, when the steam is gone, you can still see the smeares. *lol*


The right song for my mood.

Because I'm a little sad these days, I like this song finally. I hear it very often. :-(